About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at the Honest Dirt Family Farm revolves around a few basic philosophies.

1)  To do good in the world.

2)  To do good to our family and to our community.

3)  To do good to the land.

All endeavors are a bit, quite a bit, more nuanced than a simple philosophy, but at every decision, this is the hierarchy of fundamental goals that we try to meet.  

We strive to grow nutrient dense, flavorful, ecologically sound foods, that are a pleasure to eat.  We try to grow them in a way that enhances the soil and our environment.  Our farm practices are centered around what we want for our children's future, nutritionally, and environmentally.  We try to grow in a sustainable way, both economically and ecologically.

We practice a method of no till farming that preserves the soils natural biome, allowing a much more nutrient dense product, while building the soil. and eliminating many energy and short term inputs.

We do everything on the farm by hand with no machinery other than proven hand tools and somewhat off kilter brains, with the exception of electricity used to run the well pump, and the car to get it to market. 

We also practice organic methods of growing with absolutely no chemical inputs or GMO's, relying on compost and callouses to get the job done. 

As a family endeavor I am proud to have my two young boys taking part Truly they are the biggest inspiration to do it in a way that speaks to their present , and to their future, as human beings in the boat we are all in, and how we all need to strike a balance in this world, and a balance with the ecosystems that allow us to exist at all. It is a work in progress,  for all of us, but every little bit counts,

What we offer

Fresh seasonal organic produce, herbs, mushrooms, and eggs.

Where we sell.

The Honest Dirt Family Farm has a market stand every Saturday at the Clayton Farm and Community Market  -   http://www.cfcmnc.org

We also sell CSA shares for weekly shares of produce.


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Honest Dirt Family Farm

425 Lassiter Farms Ln, Clayton, NC 27520, us



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